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Headquarters USA
Title:Headquarters USA
Item Number:HDQUSA0001
Current Pub Date:01-DEC-2013
Next Pub Date:01-DEC-2014

The new edition contains nearly 120,000 unique listings for the headquarters of major businesses and other organizations in the United States. In addition to providing up-to-date contact information for the largest and most important businesses, the directory lists a wide range of non-profit organizations, professional associations, government agencies and offices, educational and cultural institutions, and even high-profile individuals.

Listings are presented in alphabetical and subject-classified arrangements and provide official names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Most listings include fax numbers, and more than a third have toll-free numbers. In addition, more than 81,000 listings in Headquarters USA 2003 contain a World Wide Web address. For public companies whose stock is traded on the New York, American, or NASDAQ stock exchange, listings include the stock symbol and stock exchange.
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Headquarters USA
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