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Hill Donnelley
Dex Media Landline
The Directory Store is your premier global directory bookstore offering thousands of resources to assist with your everyday life decisions - home or business. Whether your goal is to reach thousands or a select few, our product offerings can help.

Dex Media print directories

Yellow and White Page Directories Publisher of the Verizon, FairPoint, and Frontier print directories, distributing approximately 121 million directories in 32 states.

Specialty Directories

Specialty Directories Find comprehensive information on businesses and organizations around the world with Specialty Directories.

CD-ROM Resources and Sales Leads

CD-ROM Search through millions of phone numbers with the click of a mouse by using CD-ROM Resources or call the Directorystore today at 1-800-888-8448 to discuss products with Unlimited Sales and Marketing Leads!

*Source: Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research, Inc. Research conduced during the 12-month period ending 6/02 with adults (age 18 and over) in continental U.S. telephone household.